Diploma in Supply Chain Management

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Diploma in Supply Chain Management

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This certificate course aims to equip participants with the understanding on as to how the supply chain works, and what are essential strategies that can be deployed to overcome the supply chain disruptions and uplift supply chain performance. The course also aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills on the use of various technological and process developments, which can transmute the traditional supply chain into high power, well integrated supply chain. The course has been divided into eight modules. A brief description of each module is given below.


08 Weeks (24 contact hours including class room lectures and exams)

Who can attend?

Industry practitioners, supply chain managers, consultant, researchers and students


  1. Supply chain Management: Dimensions and Developments

This topic will cover the fundamental definitions, and dimensions of supply chain management and as to how the present supply chains are different than past. This module will also briefly shed the light on as to why supply chain management is essential and how it can provide a strategic window to an organization for improving its competitiveness. The second part of the module will elaborate the various challenges contemporary supply chains face and what are major likely reasons. This will help to pave the way for understating the major concepts of supply chain resilience, preparedness, readiness, response and recovery. The last part of the module briefly discusses the artifact of a benchmark supply chain. It introduces the concept of AAA and attempts to link with the contemporary supply chain issues.

  1. Developments in Supply Chain Management

This module is a plays foundational role for next 3 modules. It introduces the developments and best practices, which can be adopted to uplift the SCM to the level of AAA. These practices are pertaining the all three streams of SCM (upstream, midstream, downstream). Prominent among them is strategic sourcing, the strategy to select the right supplier. It is followed by SRM strategy, aimed at helping organization to maintain the right mix of relationships with its upstream supply base. It is followed by an essential practice of cross functional orientation, which is the heart of SC integration. Further, the effective approach of costing i.e. total cost of ownership and demand communication approach SSS is discussed. It is followed by a commentary of service excellence in supply chain management

  1. Strategic Sourcing

This module aims to help organization to choose the right supplier for the right product. It provides a comprehensive framework, which organization can adopt to shortlist and select the suppliers. The module provide participants an understanding to develop customize (e.g. company specifc, product specifc) criteria to slect the suppliers


  1. Supplier Relationship Management

Relationship management is one of the most challenging area in supply chain. This module explains the various types and intensities of relationship, which a firm can have with its upstream supply chain and helps to identify the right relationship for each upstream patner. It also shed light on the supply chain alliance and partnerships, their method of development, challenges and benefits.

  1. Cross Functional Orientation

This module introduces an organizational spanning activity, which can greatly help to minimize the conflicts in tactical decisions. It briefly delineates the strategies for developing cross functional orientation and its affective functioning.

  1. Computing Cost of Procurement :Total Cost of Ownership

Challenging traditional concept of costing, this module introduces a comprehensive approach to determine the cost of any product. It is particularly useful for costing of the high value products.

  1. Distribution and Global Logistics Management

This module explains the essential concepts related to the warehouse management, transportation and international logistics. It also sheds light on the essential inventory management strategies and their action plan.

  1. Service Excellence in Supply Chain Management and Future of SCM

Service excellence in supply chain determines the customers’ satisfaction. This module explains various strategies and approaches for enhanced service excellence. This module also discusses the future of supply chain management in the light of various disruptive technologies and supply chain disruptions.

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