Diploma in Marketing

Program Overview

The workshop provides an understanding of strategic marketing planning. It develops concepts and skills involved in the processes of designing and implementing marketing strategies.
During the workshop, you will explore abroad a set of strategic marketing issues that include the strategic process linkages to marketing planning. Moving from a functional approach to marketing to a strategic process of working out your 4Ps.

Develop integrated marketing strategies that generate value for customers and growth for your business. Examining the latest management concepts and marketing strategies – from market segmentation and product positioning to digital channels and social media – you will learn how to:

  • Analyze markets, customer needs, and buying behaviors
  • Align your business with customer needs – and your marketing strategies with your business objectives
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and substitutes and make your company and offerings standout
  • Identify business shifts related to technological, regulatory, and customer change
  • Synchronize marketing activities across your organization to
    create and capture more value.

What You Will Learn

Through faculty presentations, case studies, dynamic discussions, and interactive problem-solving activities, you will learn how to realistically assess your firm’s unique abilities and marketplace potential and evolve marketing strategies to capitalize on business shifts. Topics include:

  • Employing state-of-the-art techniques to understand customer needs and the customer’s buying process
  • Exploring the role of value creation in acquiring and retaining customers – and designing products and services that deliver meaningful customer value
  • Gaining a competitive advantage from market segmentation
  • Using product positioning as the foundation for developing the marketing mix
  • Moving from standardization to customization in the world of one-to-one marketing
  • Designing and managing the distribution channel for going to market
  • Pricing offerings for maximum profit
  • Building and evolving a strategic marketing plan

Who Should Attend?

Marketing executives at all levels in B2B or B2C companies of all sizes and stages, as well as general managers seeking a deeper understanding of marketing and executives in related functions such as finance, operations, and business development.

Trainer Profile

Ekhalque Ahmed

M. Ekhlaque Ahmed, Associate Professor IoBM, With over 30 years of professional excellence in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Management, Sales & Channel Management, M. Ekhlaque Ahmed brings with him a rich blend of practical know-how and training expertise in the region. Working as Head of Marketing at Institute of Business Management (IoBM). Ekhlaque is supervising a portfolio of marketing courses, comparing over 30 subjects. This includes innovative courses like Marketing Strategies, Value Innovation, Distribution & Channel Management, Marketing Strategies for Bottom of Pyramid Markets (BoP), and Pricing Model & Strategies. He is also the Lead for Experiential Learning projects which fosters Academia-Industry Collaboration.
He has successfully supervised over 300 projects directly and indirectly in companies like Dalda Food, Nestle, Engro Food, Pepsi Co, Abbot Pharmaceuticals, National Foods, Zong, Habitt & PSO, etc.

He has widely traveled all over the world to attend international courses, regional meetings, and workshops in countries like the USA, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Belgium, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Japan, India & Nepal.


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