Leading as a Coach

How to unleash the potential of employees in the new normal

Program Overview

Do you know what stops employees from unleashing their potential? Do you know why business and team leaders fail? If your answer is ‘NO’, then this workshop is for you!

After technology, COVID-19 has disrupted not only economies but business practices too! This has led to huge uncertainty and we know uncertainty leads to anxiety! Employees and Leaders have experienced a gigantic shift and, now we all are learning how to adjust in, what we call ‘New-Normal’.

Gone are the days when leaders get results by ‘Command and Control behavior’! However, today’s rapid change is the norm and leaders simply don’t have all the right answers. This new reality has created a demand for leaders to move away from command-and-control practices to a new approach (model) in which they provide support and guidance, i.e. COACHING. Recent research shows that coaching has now become an essential competency for leaders not only to deliver business results but also to bring out the best in talent!


This workshop will enable you to Gain the skills, of ‘how to lead effectively as an inspiring coach’.

Learning Outcome 

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the role of the leader in the new normal, especially in the workplace
  • Differentiate the function of the leader as a coach in developing others
  • Explain the coaching models and frameworks
  • Practice coaching styles for different people and context
  • Identify and apply world-class practices to overcome ineffective behaviors

Learning Methodology

Based on the 5-years research on 20+ CEOs and 6-years coaching to Senior Executives and Future CEOs from Fortune -100 companies from 15+ countries in ASA and MENA regions! This workshop is developed and designed to fulfill your needs by focusing on:

  • Experiential Learning through real examples and presentations
  • Individual and group coaching with Peer and coach feedback
  • Reflective sessions and assessment

Content | Workshop Outline

Introduction | Coaching, and Leadership

  • Traditional Leadership | concepts | functions
  • Role of Leaders in new normal
  • Coaching | why | what | when | merits & demerits

What Coaching Leaders do | Coaching frameworks

  • Coaching models and frameworks
  • Key principles of coaching | Coaching process
  • Neuroscience Coaching Principle and Techniques

Developing Skills set | Coaching Skills and Techniques

  • What makes the best Coach!
  • How to conduct one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Simulations | Practice and feedback sessions

Trainer Profile

Shiraz Ahmed

Shiraz is a Certified Coach from (ICF & EMCC), a certified TPMA trainer and assessor from (IFC-LPI), Leadership Development Facilitator, and Business School Faculty. He has trained managers from (junior to senior positions) and coached high potential leaders and future CEOs from fortune-500 companies in ASA, APAC, and MENA regions. Some of his coachees are promoted to the C-suite level, and now working as CFO, COO, Executive Director (global & commercial banking and risk management), Financial Controller, Head of brand management & corporate communication (for 18 countries), and Head HR (8 GCC countries) in a global leading bank.


With 15-plus years of experience, Shiraz has expertise in designing, developing, and executing world-class programs for Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. Since 2016, he has coached 40 plus senior executives and potential CEOs of Standard Chartered Bank from (Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius, and UAE). Besides, Shiraz has also worked with Mercer as a Leadership Development facilitator. As an independent consultant, he has worked as (a leadership development facilitator) and coached different professionals from several countries like (China, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Australia).

Shiraz has helped organizations in resolving the ‘Future Leaders’ challenge through his sessions. He has recently completed his Ph.D. in Leadership Effectiveness. Shiraz has been trained by CIRRUS, Mercer-Oliver Wyman, and IFC(WB group) British Council. He teaches in Pakistan’s premier business school and regularly interviews CEOs and functional heads! He believes that people will give their BEST if they are Inspired. He is trusted by CEOs to deliver outstanding results!

Qualifications and Certifications

  • PhD – (Leadership Development)
  • Professional Certified Coach – ICF
  • EIA Practitioner Coach – EMCC
  • Certified TPMA trainer – IFC-LPI
  • Certified TPMA assessor – IFC-LPI
  • Facilitator Global LDP – British Council
  • Train the Trainer – IFC Business Edge
  • Train the Trainer – British Council
  • Certified HR Professional – NED

International Assignments (Training and Coaching)

  • Coaching, for Now, | Vietnam
  • Global Talent Accelerator | Africa, Middle East & Pakistan
  • Coaching for Acceleration | Africa, Middle East & Pakistan
  • Coaching for Now | India and Singapore
  • Coaching for Transition | Thailand
  • Leadership Development HiPO | ASA & APAC
  • Interaction Leadership Program | British Council Africa and Pakistan


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