Workshop in Dressing Etiquettes for Professionals

Program Overview

  • How to put together a ‘power look’ and smart business casual look’
  • How to use clothing as a marketing tool?
  • How to increase your sales through professional dressing?
  • How you can add value to your company by improving your personal image?
  • How to become a more effective executive by looking refined, polished, sophisticated, and successful?
  • How to gain trust and credibility through clothing?
  • How dressing can help you grow professionally?
  • How to build a professional wardrobe on a budget?
  • How to gain confidence & self-esteem through clothing?
  • How to change people’s perception of you through dressing?
  • How to avoid buying mistakes when shopping for clothes?
  • How to put effective suit, shirt & tie combinations?
  • How to determine the best fit for your body type?
  • How to create personal branding for you?
  • How to coin a ‘signature look’ for you?
  • How to remove emotional ‘stigmas’ associated with being short or heavy?
  • How to look taller & slimmer?
  • How to think like a champion by ‘looking the part’?
  • How to use fashion and trends to keep an updated & contemporary look?
  • How to build a ‘capsule wardrobe’ which is effective & works for different occasions?
  • How to change your attire to transform your life?

Trainer Profile

Hamid Saeed

Hamid Saeed

Transforming people through dressing




Hamid Saeed is a Pakistani American Image & Wardrobe Consultant based in New York. He is frequently traveling to Pakistan to share his expertise of over 20 years with his fellow countrymen and women. Hamid Saeed is a world-class trainer and a motivational speaker on the importance of Dressing. Hamid is uniquely qualified to teach this course because of his diversified educational background, deep international exposure, and over two decades of experience in helping thousands of professionals improve their image.


HAMID’S Credentials
First Pakistani Americans to develop the revolutionary concept of ‘Dress for Success for professional men and women to help them project the right image.
Trained and educated at the world’s renowned Fashion Institute of Technology New York.
Conducted over 1000 training sessions for corporate America over two decades.
Helped hundreds of thousands of professionals through media appearances, seminars, and conferences on dressing etiquettes.
Working with LUMS, NUST, GIKI, HEC, and other educational institutions to develop a course on ‘Grooming’ for Pakistani youth, to be taught as a subject.
Visiting Faculty member at Pakistan Civil Services Academy, Judicial Academy & Govt. Engineering Academy of Pakistan.
As a socially responsible trainer, Hamid has helped raise awareness & funds for special children in the USA & Pakistan in collaboration with Lions Club, Special Olympics, and Shaukat Khanum Hospital.


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