iWant Seminar Series

Digital Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Businesses in Pakistan

The COVID19 pandemic has exposed a clear digital divide:
Companies which had already invested in digital operating models/enablement have managed much better than those which had not. In fact, for many businesses, the continuity of operations critically depends on their digital capabilities.
Boards and markets are taking note, and consequently digital transformation is likely to be one of the most strategic topics on the boardroom agenda.
The question now is how soon can organizations shift to the new digital business and operating models…

EMEC@IoBM & iwant.pk presents
Webinar – Digital Innovation for Entrepreneurs & Businesses in Pakistan

Target: Exporters, Manufacturers, Businesses, SMEs, Tech Companies, Telcos, Financial Institutes, Services Sector, Startups

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on Saturday July 25, 2020 @ 05:30 PM (PKT)
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(jointly hosted by EMEC@IoBM & iwant.pk)