About EMEC

Entrepreneurship and Management Excellence Center (EMEC) is the executive education wing of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM).

At EMEC, we believe it is of utmost importance to create an entrepreneurial mindset among the upcoming business leaders so that they aspire to be job creators rather a job seeker and contribute positively in the economy of our beloved country and lift the living standards of theirs and the society on the whole. For the very purpose IoBM offers to coach & mentoring from seasoned experts and also provide incubation spaces with state of the art facilities to the budding and aspiring entrepreneurs

EMEC offers you a wide range of open enrollment and customized programs lead by industry experts and senior IoBM faculty which enables the business professionals to learn, apply positively and create a lasting impact. Our approach is highly collaborative, practical by nature and underpinned by practice, theory and research. We empower people to become exceptional business leaders, increasing personal impact and organization performance.


To provide innovative learning and development solutions for creating an impact ful change, aims to design a future of businesses and its leaders where we inspire and help our people and businesses achieve their optimal potential so that they flourish, progress and are transformed into forward-looking leaders who question the current business practices and have the courage, knowledge and skills to shape the future of the business while lifting improving the society as a whole in parallel.


We want to transform executive education to the whole new level of unparalleled choice of learning & ventures opportunities under one umbrella.

In this V.U.C.A world, change is happening so rapidly that the businesses are facing new and evolutionary complex challenges, every other day. At EMEC we are committed to providing best, proven and cutting-edge learning tools and techniques for helping professionals learn to stay at par and progress to lead the future of business transformation and creating an impact. Having more than 25 years of experience in business and management education with a track record of consistently ranked among the top business schools of Pakistan supported with world-class academic, research, training and residential facilities, we are ready to transform the future of business education. BOOST your and your organization’s success!

In Pakistan, the Business landscape is changing so rapidly in this V.U.C.A world that the business leaders are faced with complex business challenges every day. To gain a substantial edge over the competitors, it is of utmost importance for the organizations and its leaders at every tier to embrace change and put the organization on a future track by aligning it with the requirements of globalization, innovation and disruption happening around.

EMEC-IoBM can help organizations and its leaders to achieve this. Our team work in close collaboration with all the stakeholders including clients and faculty to design innovative learning solutions in open, customized and blended learning categories with a focus on improving individual and team performance and creating a culture of learning. We use all modern tools and techniques including lectures, case studies, simulations, experiential learning techniques and cutting edge research to create these learning solutions.

To be the preferred choice of unparalleled learning solutions in the region.

To serve as a bridge to shrink the industry-academia gap.

To build capacity of future industry leaders.

To establish strong global linkages so as to bring the best practices across the globe for business executives.