1. A semicircular u-shape Lecture Theatre with a capacity of 85
    persons equipped with microphones/speakers on individual
    desks, BenQ flat-panel interactive touch screen (android
    based) for sharing whiteboard and other content with the audience
  2. Flexibility with room layout with plenty of space to move
    around for games and activities
  3. Fully air-conditioned training rooms with a backup power
  4. Good acoustics and soundproofing
  5. Participant breakout spaces with Mira-cast-based smart
    screens and flip chart boards
  6. Catering – appropriate provision of refreshments/ lunch
  7. Location – easy to find on a map, convenient location with
    access to public transport
  8. Ample and secured on-campus parking
  9. Trainers Lounge for use of office staff and trainers
  10. Wireless Internet access
  11. Photocopying/printing/ email on-demand from USB

Lecture Theater

Capacity 85


Capacity 180

Examination Hall

Capacity 500 to 600

Breakout Rooms

Quantity 4 – Capacity 6 to 8 each

Trainers Lounge

with one PC, Sofa, Office Desk & Dining Tables and Chairs

Dinning Lounge

Capacity up to 75 persons Buffet Self-Serving Style

Incubation Center

Capacity 50

Training Room 1

Capacity 27

Training Room 2

Capacity 20

Training Room

Capacity 27

Corporate Bedrooms

Single (includes breakfast & dinner)

Broadcast Studio

Capacity 150

Broadcast Studio Room

Podcast Studio

Capacity 4

Screening Room

Capacity 33

Media Lab

Capacity 15

ADR Studio

Equipment Center