The Entrepreneurship & Management Excellence Center (EMEC), the executive Education Wing of IoBM, is a prized product of its successful evolution as a top-rated business and management school. EMEC follows an immersive approach to service excellence, whether customized or generic, aimed at organizational change. It provides consultancy to organizations on the development and implementation of effective strategies. Its training programs are designed with excellence and rigor to make every organization’s experience a valuable one.

Programs at EMEC:

Customized Training & Need Assessment Services:

EMEC provides a better understanding of the actual and perceived training and support needs of the organization by employing a need assessment tool specifically designed for each client. The comprehensive and effective need analysis would translate the organizational goals into a reality, determine whether training is needed and, if needed, specify what that training should accomplish. This will help the EMEC team to develop customized training for the concerned organization and its employees using the extensive resource pool available to EMEC.

Open Enrollment Training

Driven by the passion for enhancing professional capabilities and skills of the corporate sector in Pakistan, EMEC offers an overarching range of training programs and interaction opportunities with the excellence and rigor that is designed to add substantive value to an organization.

Initiatives by EMEC

  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Lectures by Foreign Experts on Specialized Topics
  • Collaboration with Relevant Organizations.
  • Institutes and Associations
  • Public & Private Partnerships
  • Administration of Entrance Tests
  • Advisory/Consultancy Services
  • Entrepreneur Skills Development

Independent, Free and Responsible Media

The Institute of Business Management has been awarded an “Independent Free & Responsible Media” project under the aegis of the Citizen’s Voice Project for Independent, Free and Responsible Media. This project will be undertaken by

Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA), and Institute of Business Management (IoBM). The project aims to gauge media responsibility and independence through development of Media Responsibility and Independence Index. The of Media index will be developed through the formation of Pakistan Citizen’s Forum comprising representatives from media, civil society and academia is one of its kind activities in Pakistan. Not only this group will facilitate in developing the index but will also highlight the issues surfacing in developing the index.

Collaboration with Harvard University

IoBM has been associated with Harvard University’s South Asia Initiative (SAI) to bring Harvard to Pakistan. Aman Foundation has partnered with the Harvard University which seeks to increase scholarship on and in Pakistan by arranging a host of activities like seminars from eminent Harvard faculty for audiences in Pakistan, host conferences, facilitate research, and initiate scholarly exchange. As part of the engagement, seminars will be conducted via video conference by Harvard faculty members during the year that highlight problems and identify innovative solutions relating to a variety of issues ranging from health and education to energy and environment. Three webinars were conducted in Spring 2013. IoBM screened the seminars for Harvard SAI in Pakistan and began a long lasting relationship with them.

The seminar titled; “Troublemakers: Entrepreneurial Approaches against Corruption” was held on February 27, 2013. This seminar was aired simultaneously across Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and engaged thought leaders, policy makers, and public and private agencies involved in the areas of development. Another seminar titled; “Innovation in Education: Lessons for Entrepreneurship in Pakistan” was held on March 6, 2013. Yet another webinar, “Education in the Marketplace” was held on April 1, 2013.