Import-Export Regulations and Documentation Process



The recent Policy initiatives of the Government of Pakistan to boost the country’s export and import rationalization are not just important for our country’s economy, but also for your professional growth. Understanding the Rules, Regulations, and their implementation is crucial for you as an incumbent. This program, designed to provide comprehensive and practical knowledge of conducting cross-border transactions, will equip you with the necessary skills and insights for successful completion in foreign and domestic markets. Equally important is to know the local regulations and requirements of relevant trade documents. As the world of import and export continues to digitize, businesses need professionals like you to adapt.

Course Outline

  • International Trade-An-Overview • Role of different Int’l Organizations
  • Role of SBP in Foreign Exchange Operations
  • Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947
  • Import Export policy Order, 2022
  • Overview- Foreign Exchange Manual, 2020
  • F. E. Circulars & EPD Circular Letters
  • Pakistan’s New Initiatives to boost Export & Import
  • Requirements to start Export/Import from Pakistan
  • Major Exporting markets of Pakistan
  • Required Documents for Export/Import transactions
  • Rules & Regulations for Export & Import

Program Fees

PKR/- 15,000
Exclusive of 5% SST


06th July 2024


10 am-4 pm


Workshop Trainer

Ejaz Ahmed Qadri


Ejaz Ahmed Qadri’s illustrious career is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and unparalleled contributions to the banking and training sectors in Pakistan. He boasts an expansive career spanning nearly three decades, primarily within the esteemed corridors of the State Bank of Pakistan and its subsidiary, SBP Banking Services Corporation (Bank). His expertise primarily lies in operational facets, having contributed to various critical departments of both institutions.

Key Experience:

  1. State Bank of Pakistan & SBP BSC Roles: Ejaz has held pivotal roles across significant departments such as FEOD, Exchange Policy Department (EPD), Statistics & DWH, FEOD, Development Finance Support (DFSD), and Training & Development Department (T&DD).
  2. Training & Development: Beyond his core responsibilities, Ejaz distinguished himself as an in-house trainer at SBP and SBP BSC, National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF) campuses in Karachi and Islamabad. He’s conducted numerous training modules focusing on International Trade and Foreign Exchange Operations for various officer batches, including the Young Professional Induction Program (YPIP), Assistant Directors Scheme, and State Bank Officers Training Scheme (SBOTS).
  3. Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.: Since 2015, Ejaz has been associated with this leading commercial bank, serving as a Chief Facilitator and Trade Consultant. His role primarily revolves around Content development, conducting nationwide training on forex operations and international Trade.
  4. Certifications & Affiliations: Ejaz is a Certified Trainer and has been a member of the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) since 2008. Additionally, he has affiliations with several renowned training forums in Pakistan, such as PIM, ICIL Pakistan, Quickbiz International, Dellsons Associates, and more.
  5. Freelance Consulting: As an independent consultant, Ejaz has offered his expertise to several prominent businesses in Pakistan, reinforcing his stature in the industry.
  6. Educational Qualifications: Ejaz’s academic prowess is evident from his qualifications. He holds an M.B.A. in Banking & Finance from the prestigious IoBM Karachi, complemented by other degrees including M.A., D.A.E, and L.L.B.
  7. Publication & Thought Leadership: Ejaz has been a regular contributor to the discourse on International trade, penning insightful articles on the subject in various institutional publications.