International Politics and Diplomacy


Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of International Politics and Diplomacy

IoBM is delighted to announce the upcoming “Diploma in International Politics and Diplomacy,” a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with a profound understanding of global politics and the art of diplomacy, taught by former Ambassadors, IR experts, and eminent Scholars in the field of IR. This diploma offers a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of international relations, negotiation strategies, and effective communication on the global stage.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this diploma, participants will:

  • Develop a deep comprehension of the key theories, concepts, and historical contexts of international politics.
  • Acquire insights into the dynamics of intergovernmental relations, international organizations, and geopolitical challenges.
  • Enhance critical thinking skills to analyze complex international issues and propose informed solutions.
  • Master the art of diplomatic communication, negotiation tactics, and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Cultivate a nuanced understanding of cultural diversity and its impact on international interactions.
  • Gain practical skills to pursue careers in foreign affairs, diplomacy, international organizations, and related fields.

Who Should Attend

This diploma is ideal for:

  • Aspiring CSS candidates. Diplomats and Foreign Service officers seeking to excel in their careers.
  • Professionals working in international organizations, NGOs, and government agencies aim to enhance their understanding of global politics.
  • Students and researchers of political science, international relations, law, and related disciplines.
  • Business professionals engaged in international trade and negotiations.
  • Individuals with a keen interest in understanding the world’s political landscape and diplomatic intricacies.
  • Graduate / Undergraduate students seeking to study International Affairs.


12 Weeks of comprehensive coursework and practical exercises.


A combination of lectures, interactive workshops, seminars, case studies, and hands-on simulations.


Continuous evaluation, research projects, and a final capstone assignment.


A prestigious diploma recognizing successful completion and proficiency in international politics and diplomacy will be awarded by the IoBM.

Program Fees

Rs. 55,000. Early bird discount 5% (15th November to 30th November 2023)

Instalment Plan

Payment in 2 installments Rs. 27,500/- each

Program Start Date

1st January 2024 to 30th March 2024

Registration Date

15th November 2023

Application Deadline

20 December 2023


9 am-4 pm
(Saturdays only)


Workshop Trainers

Ambassador G. R. Baluch

Ambassador G. R. Baluch The diploma course has been designed by Ambassador G.R. Baluch Director Global and Regional Studies Center at IoBM, who will be the Chief Instructor. Ambassador G. R. Baluch has an experience of over 30 years in the field of Diplomacy and International Affairs. He has represented Pakistan in several countries including Syria, Pakistan Mission to the UN New York, Mauritius, and Kuwait, and was Pakistan’s Ambassador to Vietnam. He is the Author of a book entitled “Duty to the Pen – Reflections on International and National Political Issues”. He is a regular columnist in National Dailies. He also appears in National TV Channels as an Analyst on International and National issues. He will be assisted by esteemed experts and practitioners in international relations and diplomacy.